Domain Name Values in 2018
By: Robert Kaay

Domain Name Values in 2018


2017 was an amazing year for the value of Australian domain names.

Let's hop right in and see some of the best sales for some premium domain names during 2017: - $132,000 - March 2017 - $63,500 - August 2017 - $63,250 - November 2017 - $42,000 - March 2017 - $16,500 - November 2017

And these sales are only a handful that were publicly broadcast!

It should be noted that the sale of made the TOP 50 SALES internationally, against every possible domain name extension, according to was also the SECOND HIGHEST SALE RECORDED in 2017 internationally for the ccTLD (country code top level domain) category. This means it beat sales against,) .de(,) etc... and made the TOP 10 HIGHEST SALES in the ccTLD category, according to

These facts alone support how strong the Australian domain name space has become during 2017.

I personally know of dozens more names that sold for strong-five-figure amounts during 2017, but the new owners chose to keep the sales figures a secret.

Although I can understand why some people like to keep the amount they purchase a domain name for a secret, I believe it is in the best interests of the entire Australian business world to know and understand just how much value a strong premium Australian domain name holds.

Another example of an amazing sale I brokered late last year was for the domain name

A lovely Australian broker who mostly brokers premium .com domain names called Jen Sale, recommended me to the seller of when she was approached. Through my strong network of domain name buyers, I was able to sell the domain name within 24 hours. I won't reveal the price paid, as both seller and buyer don't want it disclosed, but I will confirm it is in the five-figure range. I personally believe this domain name is an early six-figure-value domain name once it is developed to its full potential. Both seller and buyer were happy with the speed and price of the transaction.

I'm close to closing my first sale of a generic four-letter domain name at the moment, which is looking at completing at a mid-five-figure deal.

2017 merely proved that one-word generic and brandable domain names are worth AT LEAST $50,000 AUD, from this moment forward. Some, are closer to $100,000 AUD. And I don't see any reason or possibility that values of Australian domain names are going to go backwards over the next few years.

I expect the price of premium Australian domain names to remain around this level for 2018, but expect prices to reach at least 20% higher as we reach the year 2020.

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Published: Tue, 16th Jan 2018 04:54
Author: Robert Kaay


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