When does NameBid launch?!
By: NameBid

When does NameBid launch?!

23-tn.jpgWithout trying to sound like a cop-out, NameBid has not officially launched yet due to the ongoing political dramas happening with auDA (.AU Domain Administration) and it's PRP (Policy Review Panel). 

The PRP was created by auDA to streamline the current 34-odd existing auDA Policy Rules and also create the rules that will govern Direct .AU Registrations.

Surely you know by now, but auDA forced Direct .AU Registrations into being on 18th April, 2016 - https://www.auda.org.au/news/auda-to-introduce-direct-registrations-in-au/

Since this moment in time, the way to actually implement Direct .AU Registration and create the rules, has been dramatic:



auDA state there is "no way" that Direct .AU Registrations can be turned off, now that they have said they are going ahead. Many auDA Members and a lot of the Australian Business community strongly disagree.







To this end, we here at NameBid, do not feel the time has been right to launch our domain name aftermarket platform. I mean, it currently works, where you can list a domain name and people can make an offer to buy it... but other than that, we haven't turned on the "live auction platform" yet because there is so much uncertainty regarding the rules and implementation and EXISTENCE of Direct .AU Registrations.

For example, if someone bought the domain name Christmas.com.au off this very website (currently listed!!), who knows if they would be entitled to "Christmas.au" when the Direct .AU was released?

For this reason, our Director, Robert Kaay, is currently working very hard over at Domainer.com.au - an Australian internet domain name industry hub.

Please feel free to add your domain names for sale, right now, on NameBid. And feel free to make offers on domain names you can see on this site. As that all works just fine.

Ensure you register and sign up and we'll ensure we keep you up to date with everything that's happening.

In the meantime, feel free to visit Domainer.com.au as we continue to fight to bring stability into the Australian domain name market.

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Published: Sun, 27th May 2018 21:42
Author: NameBid


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